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Dear user and customer
It is your right to know the HCILI and it is our obligation to be transparent with you.
Hague Centre for International Law and Investment (HCILI) has been incorporated in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on 04/02/2020. According to Article 2.1. of the articles of association “The company has its registered office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands”. Under article 2.2. of its articles of association, the HCILI is acting, inter alia, in the following field:
a. to give legal services and advice to individuals, companies, states an
international organisations, to hold workshops and training programs and to
participate in national and international conferences on legal issues and
questions and to provide services with regard to arbitration and ADR.

Address of the office: Joop Geesinkweg 701 IIRembrandtkantoor, 1114AB Amsterdam-Duivendrecht